I've been interested in woodwork from a very early age. It became serious in more recent years however, with the purchase of a woodworking lathe. I'm happy to do requests and you can contact me at tom@savoch.net to work out what is you want and a reasonable price. If it's spherical, cylindrical, circular, semi-circular, I can make it. Bowls, cups, goblets, wooden spoons, vases, ornamental pieces, almost anything. Maximum diameter is 32cm and maximum length is short of a meter, though blanks that long would be hard to come by and very hard to turn. In addition, I own a set of woodcarving chisels, however I'm only proficient at basic designs.

I can also make furniture, however the size of most items would make postage prohibitively expensive. Living near Aberdeen, Scotland would make pick up for most people quite difficult.

A small selection of things I've made.


A work in progress. At 30cm it's the biggest reasonable thing I can turn.